ready for

the fishing trip

of your life?

Fish the waters of Zihuatanejo with the best captains in the fleet—Santiago and Adan Valdovinos.

Welcome to great fishing. On the Gold Coast of Mexico, about 155 miles northwest of Acapulco, is Zihuatanejo. This is where the Pacific Ocean gets its name—the water constantly is somewhere between 75 and 86 degrees, and with rare exceptions the boat is rocking gently on a near calm. Storms are virtually non-existent—lost fishing time is mostly margarita-related, or because your spouse forced you to go lie on the white sandy beach or have lunch with friends or something.

There is no real down season for sailfish here—you can have a double-digit sailfish day any month of the year. During certain seasons you will mix it up with large yellowfin tuna, blue marlin, trophy size dorado, and the occasional black and striped marlin. You can also go inshore from late spring to Christmas for jumbo-size roosterfish; specimens in the 50-pound plus category are not that rare. If you dream of these things—and especially if you dream of doing it on the fly, read on.

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